How we get you more cash!

GameChecker was set up in 2011 with one simple aim in mind - to simply the process of checking high street retailer's trade-in prices.

Various companies had their own search system that was clunky and not too helpful, especially when you want to look through a few of them. What we do is take loads of retailer's prices (where they have them!), grab them all at once and put them into a nice little table for you to compare and see who's giving the most cash! And hey, who doesn't want to get value for money these days?

“In one month GameChecker helped me get about £50 more on trade-ins than I would have normally!”

If you haven't already, why not give it a go? It's easy to use, just type in the name or barcode of your game in the search box at the top, choose your game and check out the prices! It's as simple as that!

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Our Mission

Our aim is to help the people of the UK get a bit more dosh in their pockets when trading in games both online and at high street retailers!

Join us and get the most buck for your bang! The revolution has come, we will fight to get the best prices day in, day out. And we will win, we will be victorious in battle!